Where to Invest $500 for Three Outstanding Dividend Stocks Right Now

Many brokerages offer no-commission trading, so there's no minimum stock market investment. Whether you're investing hundreds or thousands of dollars, a diverse portfolio of high-quality securities can yield excellent returns over time.  

Dividend stocks are ideal for small investors because they provide instant passive income that may be automatically reinvested to steadily accumulate more shares. If you pick good companies to hold, this can yield enormous returns over decades.  

The Home Depot It pays to be the industry leader—just ask Home Depot (NYSE: HD). The home improvement behemoth outperforms Lowe's. It increases sales faster during market ups and downs. Home Depot has strong cash flow and ROIC. Leadership in market share is good.  

Additionally, the corporation pays a higher dividend. Compared to Lowe's 1.8%, Home Depot's stock yields 2.2%. This business is subject to interest rate changes and the housing market, so there are dangers. Home Depot has managed all economic cycles before. This stability should benefit stockholders for years to come.  

2. MS Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) pays less than 1% dividends. Still, that reward exceeds Apple shares. Despite its modest payout rate, the IT behemoth sends shareholders a lot of money each year. Microsoft paid $11 billion in dividends in the preceding six months, up from $10 billion a year earlier.  

A company in a better financial position to pay this much is rare. Given its global market share, Microsoft's software-as-a-service sales strategy is lucrative. Last quarter, earnings rose 23% to $27 billion.  

Investors are enthused about AI's potential to boost many of Microsoft's businesses, especially Azure. This company also has exposure to cybersecurity and video gaming, two more growing areas. This diversity will protect investors against smaller tech company instability.  

3. McCormick McCormick (NYSE: MKC) is a wonderful dividend investment but is struggling. Since early 2023, the spice and flavorings maker's shares have lagged the S&P 500 as growth stalled after the epidemic. Revenue rose 2% in the latest quarter after currency exchange rate changes.  

Management expects revenues to rise during fiscal 2024, indicating a comeback. McCormick, like its consumer staples counterparts, will face decreasing demand and the end of major inflation-linked price hikes. However, this corporation has increased its dividend for 38 years at 11% CAGR. The impressive dividend in your portfolio at a discount can boost your long-term returns.  

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