Use of curd for hair care, and its surprising benefits  

Moisturizes the Hair: Curd is an excellent moisturizer for the hair. It helps to hydrate and condition the hair, making it softer and less prone to breakage. The lactic acid in curd helps clear away dead skin cells and facilitates better penetration of nutrients. 

Reduces Dandruff: The anti-fungal properties of curd can help combat dandruff and scalp infections. Regular application can soothe an itchy scalp and maintain scalp health, reducing flakiness. 

Promotes Hair Growth: Curd is rich in vitamins like B5 and D, which are essential for hair follicle health. These nutrients improve scalp circulation and promote healthy hair growth by nourishing the hair follicles.

Reduces Hair Fall: The strengthening effect of proteins in curd can reduce hair fall. It nourishes and fortifies hair roots and shafts, making hair less prone to breakage and fall. 

Natural Conditioner: Curd acts as a natural conditioner, giving the hair shine and smoothness. The creamy texture of curd coats the hair strands, smoothing out frizz and detangling hair, which makes styling easier. 

Repairs Hair Damage: The protein content in curd helps repair damaged hair. Regular use can mitigate the effects of heat styling, pollution, and chemical treatments, restoring hair vitality. 

Balances pH Levels: Curd helps maintain the natural pH balance of the scalp, which can be disrupted by harsh hair products and treatments. This balance is crucial for keeping the scalp and hair healthy. 

Adds Shine: Curd can enhance the natural luster of your hair. Its moisturizing properties help smooth hair cuticles, reflecting light better and making your hair appear shiny. 

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