Trump is a "bully" and a "danger" to LGBTQ people, according to Jill Biden.

In a recent development in Washington, — On Friday, Jill Biden pushed LGBTQ people to support President Joe Biden's reelection campaign. She warned that their group will be threatened by Donald Trump, describing him as a "bully" and urging LGBTQ members to "fight like hell" to ensure that her husband's victory in November.  

She claimed that states are enacting legislation "targeting this community" and that outside forces are attempting to erode the community's "hard-won gains" by curtailing their rights and liberties. She admonished members to rally for Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, the Democratic presidential ticket, every day leading up to the November 5th election.  

In 2020, Biden had the overwhelming support of this demographic when voting. As he battles a low public approval rating and waning support from other important groups who supported him in 2020, the president could use the LGBTQ community's backing.  

A bully is Donald Trump. Speaking at an event hosted by the Human Rights Campaign—a well-known civil rights group for LGBTQ individuals—the first lady warned that the candidate poses a threat to the LGBTQ community, their families, and the nation as a whole, emphasizing that she would not allow him to win.  

We need to put up a fierce battle. From now until the end of time. Up until November 5th, when voting ends. Unless Joe and Kamala get a second term in office. For as long as there are people everywhere who may live their lives unrestricted by love, she proclaimed.  

An instant response from Trump's campaign was unavailable. "Out for Biden-Harris" was launched this week by the president's reelection campaign to rally LGBTQ voters; it was followed this week by the Human Rights Campaign event.  

Jill Biden stated in her address that the president has been an ally of the LGBTQ community through his signature of the Respect for Marriage Act, the lifting of a bar on blood donations from bisexual and gay men, the open military service of transgender persons, and his opposition to conversion therapy.  

A number of external factors, she claimed, are attempting to "erase these hard-won gains." "Our victories have been taken away, and they want to keep them that way," Biden declared. No way, your president will stop them. It won't happen on my watch.  

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