Trump claims New York judge won't allow him attend son's graduation, but no verdict has been made.

Claims: On the first day of his hush money case, New York Judge Juan M. Merchan told former President Donald Trump he couldn't attend his son Barron's May 17 high school graduation because he had court that day.  On Monday, Merchan refused to rule on Trump's lawyers' plea to adjourn court on May 17 so Trump could attend the event. He stated the trial will determine his decision.  

After the trial's first day, Trump claimed, “it looks like the judge will not let me go to the graduation of my son.” Moments later, he complained that the trial prevented him from attending his son's graduation, a U.S. Supreme Court session, and campaign visits.  

Trump then wrote on Truth Social that he “will likely not be allowed to attend” and that “the Judge, Juan Merchan, is preventing me from proudly attending my son’s Graduation.” Another post less than two hours later stated that he is “being prohibited from attending.”  

Social media users swiftly repeated Trump's accusations. “Leftist NYC Judge won’t allow President Trump to attend Barron’s high school graduation,” read one X post with 20,000 likes and 9,900 shares on Tuesday. “This will backfire hugely. The American people are tired of Marxist rule.”  

A 25,000-view Facebook video says, “I never thought I would disrespect a Judge but F**** Justice Juan M. Merchan. This man is Satan! He stated Trump cannot attend his son's graduation. Some tweets stated Trump will be arrested if he attends the graduation.  

Trump's lawyers urged on Monday that the trial not be place on May 17 so he could attend the event. The Trump lawyer also requested a delay in the trial so he could attend his son's graduation on June 3. Merchan declined to rule on either request but indicated he would adjourn for one or both days if the trial goes as scheduled. He replied that depends on how we're doing on schedule and where we are in the trial.

The judge will order Trump to appear in New York next Thursday as the Supreme Court considers whether he is exempt from prosecution in another of his four criminal cases as a former president. Trump need not attend Supreme Court arguments.  

Merchan read Trump his “Parker warnings” on Monday, warning him that he may be jailed for disruptive behavior and lose his privilege to attend the trial. A court transcript shows Trump saying he knew a warrant would be issued if he purposefully skipped the trial. This is regular New York criminal procedure.  

Trump was charged with 34 felony counts of fabricating business records to hide unfavorable information that could affect his 2016 campaign, especially since his statements about women were hurting him.

The former president returned to court Tuesday for the second day of trial. Trump faces three more criminal accusations, including two 2020 election-related ones. He appealed a Feb. 16 civil judgment ordering him to pay $335 million in penalties for exaggerating his wealth on financial documents to deceive banks, insurers, and others.  

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