Trump campaigns at a bodega in his Democratic hometown after court. (Part-2)

He continued, “They don’t pick them up—they go after Trump. Even though New York is predominantly Democratic, the former president's Harlem campaign shows his desire to campaign in his home state. Biden won the state and New York City by over 60% in 2020. Trump believes he can win New York in November and has considered staging rallies in the South Bronx and Queens, where he grew up, and Madison Square Garden.  

I may rent Madison Square Garden,” he told Breitbart News. “That’s the beast’s belly, right?” That would be too expensive, especially since his campaign has been cutting costs to close the Biden financial gap. “We’re going to make a heavy play for New York,” Trump declared Tuesday, promising to target more states.  

Trump, a New Yorker icon, proved he can still draw attention. Word of Trump's visit spread throughout the day, drawing half a dozen others to the bodega. Barricades were placed on Broadway between 139th and 140th Streets before Trump's presentation. Onlookers filled the patio of the Mexican restaurant next door, and hair salon staff congregated by their open door.  

Papa Trump is coming. Yes!" exclaimed a pedestrian before the former president arrived. As Trump came, children climbed scaffolding around nearby buildings to see better. Trump shook hands with individuals behind police barricades before entering the bodega, where Plexiglas separates consumers from the cash counter.  

I love this city,” Trump said reporters after leaving the store. “We’ll fix New York.” Trump claims that the continued influx of migrants to the city, where he built his real estate career and became a tabloid figure, has made New Yorkers more likely to vote for him since his 2020 loss to Biden. Many newcomers are staying in city hotels due to housing shortages.  

We may have a chance. He told Fox News host Maria Bartiromo, "New York has changed a lot in the last two years." People in New York are upset. As a Republican, I think those who would never vote for me will.” He repeated that allegation Tuesday, saying migrants “are coming from jails and prisons and mental institutions,” despite no evidence, emulating his 2015 presidential campaign address.  

Trump will need voters like 47-year-old Lesandra Carrion, who came out to see the former president when she heard he may visit. Though she disagrees with Trump, she added “he speaks the truth.” Carrion mentioned increased migrant numbers and city resource strain. “I think that he will make a difference,” she remarked of Trump.

Carrion downplayed his courthouse issues in south Manhattan. “He’ll beat that,” she said. Ultimately, everyone makes mistakes. He's the truth and light. I sense God in him.” Top Trump loyalist Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia predicted Monday that Trump will “make the best out of this” New York trial.  

She said, “Democrats in New York and the judge and everyone, they’re really going to regret it.” 63-year-old neighborhood resident Steven Kopstein was disgusted by Trump's visit and jeered at Trump supporters as he carried his dog through the gathering. “  

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