Trump calls Jewish Biden supporters ‘should have their head examined’.

Atlanta — On Wednesday, Donald Trump attacked Jewish voters who support President Joe Biden and portrayed this year's election as a referendum on Christianity in the U.S., appealing to evangelical conservatives, a key part of his political base.  

Trump remarked after Biden reminded Netanyahu last week that U.S. backing for Israel's Gaza war relied on fast, enhanced civilian and aid worker protections. Trump said Biden “has totally abandoned Israel.”  

In the Gaza conflict, Biden is caught between conservatives (Christian and Jewish) who want to back Netanyahu and progressives. Conservative Christians, Trump's most ardent supporters, consider Israel as the present expression of God's chosen people, the Israelites of the Old Testament.  

Progressives furious at Israel's Gaza reprisal, which has killed thousands, dominate Biden's left flank. Even as he cruises to renomination, protesters have greeted the president on his spring tours and coordinated votes against Biden in numerous Democratic primaries. Wednesday saw the president's campaign push back.  

“Jewish Americans do not need to be ‘spoken to’ or threatened by Donald Trump,” said Biden spokesperson James Singer. Trump uses division and hate to get power. November voters of all kinds will reject his turmoil, violence, and crazy threats again.” Trump rekindled his Christian base in Georgia by making Election Day religious.  

Trump repeated, “November 5th is the most important day in the history of our country, and it’s going to be Christian Visibility Day.” He said Christians “are going to come out, and they’re going to vote like never before.” Biden's acceptance of the International Transgender Day of Visibility, a global celebration of transgender people and their challenges, angered conservative Christians.  

The commemoration began in 2009 but has risen in popularity. This year, it fell on Easter Sunday, the holiest day in the Christian calendar. Conservatives went on a social media firestorm after Biden, a Catholic, declared the same Sunday the official Transgender Day of Visibility in the US on March 29. Some commenters even suggested Biden and his aides set the date to insult Christians.  

To all transgender Americans, we say: You are cherished. We hear you. You're understood. You belong, Biden declared. “You are America, and my administration and I support you.” Most of the president's detractors missed his separate statement on Easter revealing his faith  

“Easter reminds us of the power of hope and the promise of Christ’s Resurrection,” Biden added. We remember Jesus' sacrifice as we unite with loved ones. We pray for each other and celebrate new possibilities. With conflicts and violence claiming innocent lives worldwide, we renew our resolve to peace, security, and dignity for all.  

Biden ended, “From our family to yours, happy Easter and may God bless you.” On Wednesday, Trump also emphasized his position on abortion, saying that state governments should decide and that Republicans should not ban abortion. This puts the former president to the left of the most outspoken Christian right activists. Trump did not mention religious teachings and affiliations.  

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