Tom Brady maybe returns from retirement: I'm fine with it

Tom Brady left the NFL. Following that, he came out of retirement. Finally, he stepped away "for good." Next, he made a lighthearted comment about not retiring. As a result, he declared that remaining in the workforce is "off the table." What he did on Thursday will surprise you.  

This new podcast, "DeepCut," features the ex-quarterback for the New England Patriots. The show seems to be based on the idea of interviewees getting haircuts from barber influencer VicBlends.  

Brady didn't completely dismiss the idea of coming out of retirement when questioned about the possibility of filling in for a quarterback for a playoff-bound team towards the end of the season. In his never-ending pursuit of a Las Vegas Raiders ownership stake, he painted the NFL as the real roadblock to a comeback.  

Michael Jordan, whose ownership of the Washington Wizards led to his return to the NBA following a second retirement, was the inspiration for his plan, he said. The Patriots and the Raiders were also named by Brady as teams who may make a return, while VicBlends brought up the San Francisco 49ers, who are from his hometown.  

A month after posting a video of himself running a 40-yard dash, that's the furthest Brady has gone in considering a return since his beach video. In addition to the fact that "DeepCut" is likely manufactured by a business named Shadow Lion, you may use these breadcrumbs to hint at a perhaps surprising reappearance.  

The Shadow Lion—what is it? It was co-founded by Brady and his longtime manager Ben Rawitz, among others; Brady has been featured in numerous advertising and has a well organized social media presence thanks to this agency.  

Thus, this podcast is being produced by Brady and his associates. Plus, what could be more beneficial to a new podcast's visibility than a world-renowned athlete dropping hints that he could come out of retirement again?

Brady, serious or not, is obviously going to keep hustling. It's more probable that he will be actively courting Shadow Lion or Fox Sports, where he is still scheduled to start broadcasting next season, rather than a genuine NFL club.  

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