Three Stocks That Anyone Can Buy Now With $20 (Part-1)

New investors may not have much money to invest. Maybe you can invest $20 right now. Luckily, most brokerages have eliminated account minimums and costs, so you may start with $20. Some brokerages provide fractional shares, so you can acquire a portion of any stock market business regardless of price.  

With $20, you can own a company stake. Three equities you can buy for that amount are good investments today.  

1-Carnival Due to the pandemic, Carnival (NYSE: CCL) suffered, but management looks to have recovered. Cruise demand has increased since ships resumed operating in summer 2021. Carnival announced record first-quarter bookings despite higher fares.  

When compared to land-based options, cruise prices can rise. The value gap between cruising and an all-inclusive resort remains, according to CEO Josh Weinstein. Management saw booking prices rise throughout the year, with peak summer travel pricing and fall rates continuing high.  

Strong demand and pricing power drove good financial performance. With room to raise fares and add ships, Carnival should rebound to pre-pandemic earnings levels.  

The company's shares sell at less than 15 times anticipated earnings despite its good forecast. Given Carnival's post-pandemic debt and cyclical nature, investors may be overvaluing those risks at this pricing.  

2. Chewy At the outset of the epidemic, Chewy (NYSE: CHWY) sales soared, but investors lost faith when sales dropped. Chewy's sales rose 10% last year, while management forecasts 4% to 6% growth in 2024. A shrinking client base, from 20.7 million in 2021 to 20.1 million last year, may explain that.  

However, long-term revenue growth is likely. First, as more pet care sales go online, Chewy will gain market share. Chewy's profit margins are rising due to its growing Autoship service, which is predictable and reduces delivery costs.  

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