These 3 AI Stocks Will Outperform Nvidia in 5 Years

Nvidia is nearing correction after rising more than 7x from the third quarter of 2022. High-flying stock may collapse more. Investors may want to buy Nvidia on a dip. This may be wise in the long run. There are other AI stocks to consider. I think these three AI stocks will outperform Nvidia in five years.

1. Alphabet Alphabet (NASDAQ: GOOG) (NASDAQ: GOOGL) shares have risen more than 40% in the last year due to the AI boom. Alphabet may gain ground while Nvidia loses ground, notwithstanding this performance. Valuation matters most. Alphabet's price-to-sales ratio is below 6.5, while Nvidia's is above 35x. Nvidia will likely outgrow Alphabet in the next years. However, Nvidia stock is priced for perfection, which most companies don't deliver for long.  

After their generative AI model debacle, Alphabet is nearly an AI underdog among investors. However, don't underestimate the company's AI capabilities. Bloomberg reports Apple may use Google Gemini in iPhones. I think this will boost Alphabet stock  

I also think Waymo will drive Alphabet's growth in five years. Robotaxi sales will reach $10 trillion by the early 2030s, according to Cathie Wood's Ark Invest. Despite my pessimism, I predict this market to boom, with Waymo benefiting most.  

2. Meta-platforms One of the best megacap stocks outside of Nvidia is Meta Platforms (NASDAQ: META). Meta's shares have risen 140% in the past year, and I think it has more room to grow. Meta is employing its own AI chips to lessen its need on Nvidia's GPUs, like other big tech businesses. Meta is worth more than Nvidia, like numerous of its contemporaries.  

Meta may profit from less competition than Nvidia. U.S. Congress is considering a law that would require Bytedance to sell TikTok or face a ban. I don't think Meta needs a TikTok ban to beat Nvidia in five years. Last year, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg called business messaging the "next major pillar." Recent comments suggest smart eyewear with AI helpers could be Meta's "killer app." I think Zuckerberg is right both times.  

3. UiPath Great AI stocks aren't just megacaps. UiPath (NYSE: PATH) hasn't kept up with Alphabet and Meta or Nvidia's high performance in the recent year. UiPath could grow significantly over the next five years despite its $12.4 billion market cap.  

I recently recommended UiPath as the greatest AI stock to purchase. My choice was based on its compact size. More importantly, I see UiPath as a young AI startup on the upswing. UiPath leads the RPA market, which is growing rapidly. UiPath's Q4 revenue rose 31% year over year to a record high. First-ever profitability could lead to faster stock rises.

UiPath is automating business activities it couldn't before thanks to AI's rapid improvements. TIME named Clipboard AI one of the top technologies of 2023 after its launch last year. In Q4, UiPath launched AutoPilot, an AI assistant.  

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