There are eight flowers that can be consumed  

Nasturtiums: These brightly colored flowers have a peppery flavor similar to watercress. The leaves and flowers can both be used to add a spicy note to salads. 

Calendula: Often used as a cheaper alternative to saffron, calendula has a slightly spicy, bitter, and tangy flavor. It's great for adding color to soups, salads, and stews. 

Violets: These sweet flowers are lovely in salads or crystallized with egg white and sugar for decorating desserts. They have a sweet, floral taste and are also beautiful as garnishes. 

Pansies: With a mild and slightly grassy flavor, pansies are perfect for adding a vibrant touch to salads, desserts, and appetizers. 

Lavender: Known for its sweet, floral flavor with lemon and citrus notes, lavender is a wonderful addition to sweets and baked goods or used as a garnish for savory dishes. 

Borage: Borage flowers have a light cucumber taste and are usually blue, though they can also be pink or white. They’re excellent in drinks, salads, or as garnish on appetizers. 

Squash Blossoms: These are the edible flowers of zucchini and other squashes. They can be stuffed with various fillings, battered, and fried or baked. They have a subtle squash-like flavor. 

Rose Petals: With a very aromatic, floral flavor, rose petals can be used in everything from desserts and jams to teas and cocktails. Ensure they are free of pesticides and rinsed thoroughly. 

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