The seven dazzling, pricey royal jewels that have gone missing  

Many royal jewels have been lost over the centuries, either stolen, misplaced, or simply vanished into the mists of history. These treasures often have fascinating stories attached to them, hinting at their former glory and the mysteries of their disappearance. Here are seven magnificent and expensive royal jewels that have been los.

The Patiala Necklace: Created by the House of Cartier in 1928, this necklace was a stunning piece commissioned by Maharaja Bhupinder Singh of Patiala, India. It featured nearly 3,000 diamonds, including the world’s seventh-largest diamond, the "De Beers". The necklace vanished from the Patiala royal treasury around 1948, and while parts of it resurfaced, much of it remains lost.

The Irish Crown Jewels: Officially known as the "Jewels Belonging to the Most Illustrious Order of Saint Patrick," they were stolen from Dublin Castle in 1907, just days before the King’s visit to Ireland. Despite extensive investigations and a hefty reward, the jewels were never recovered.

The Florentine Diamond: This massive, 137-carat yellow diamond of Indian origin had a long history among European royalty. Last owned by the Habsburgs, the diamond disappeared after World War I when the Austrian Empire was dissolved. Its whereabouts remain unknown, and it's speculated that it might have been cut into smaller, less recognizable stones.

The Sancy Diamond: A pale yellow diamond of 55.23 carats, the Sancy Diamond was passed among various European monarchs before vanishing during the French Revolution. Although it resurfaced and changed hands several times after, its current location has been unknown since the mid-20th century.

The Mirror of Portugal: A large diamond owned by the Portuguese and French crowns, the Mirror of Portugal was a 21.5-carat diamond reportedly lost during the French Revolution. Its fate is a mystery, with some believing it was stolen and others claiming it was destroyed.

The Russian Nuptial Crown: Made in 1840, this crown was worn by Russian empresses for their weddings. Featuring huge pearls and enormous diamonds, it disappeared after the Russian Revolution when many imperial treasures were looted or sold off.

The Blue Diamond Affair: In a more modern mystery, a rare collection of blue diamonds, belonging to the Saudi royal family, went missing in 1989 after a theft by a Thai worker. While some jewels were returned, the blue diamonds were never recovered, leading to a diplomatic rift between Saudi Arabia and Thailand.

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