Yoga positions that promote healthy skin 

Shoulder Stand: This pose is often called the "queen of poses" for its wide-ranging health benefits, including improved skin. By reversing the effects of gravity, it enhances circulation to the face, stimulates the thyroid gland, and brings a healthy glow to the skin. 

Plow Pose: Similar to the shoulder stand, this pose helps improve circulation and provides fresh blood to the face. It also aids in digestion and the removal of toxins from the body, contributing to clearer skin. 

Standing Forward Bend: This pose helps blood flow to the face faster, bringing oxygen and other nutrients that improve skin health and rejuvenate the cells. 

Cobra Pose: This pose increases blood circulation and oxygen intake to the skin cells, which can speed up the body’s ability to heal and improve the skin. It also helps reduce stress and fatigue. 

Fish Pose: By opening up the chest and throat, this pose ensures that more oxygen enters the lungs. Improved oxygenation is vital for flushing out toxins from the body and nourishing the skin. 

Triangle Pose: This pose enhances blood flow throughout the body and particularly improves digestion, which is crucial for clearing up skin and giving it a healthy appearance. 

Skull Shining Breathing Technique: This breathing exercise helps in oxygenating the blood, relieving stress, and detoxifying the organs, all of which contribute to healthier skin. 

Corpse Pose: Often used for relaxation at the end of a yoga session, Savasana improves mental health, reduces stress, and helps in the repair and regeneration of cells, benefiting skin health. 

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