Possible AI Game Changer: Top 3 Stocks to Buy

Google DeepMind researchers found six AI tiers. All six levels were attained by "narrow" AI, which only performs well-defined tasks. The highest narrow AI is superhuman. AlphaFold from Google has shown superhuman 3D protein structure prediction. AlphaGo defeated the top human Go players.  

Technology beyond narrow AI is being developed. It may be the biggest AI game changer. AI researchers' goal is AGI. AGI comprises learning new skills and performs many tasks, unlike narrow AI. Importantly, it usually means doing these duties as well as or better than people.  

AGI may arrive soon, say experts. Shane Legg, Google DeepMind co-founder and top AGI scientist, predicts a 50% possibility of AGI by 2028. Anthropic CEO Dario Amodei expects human-level AI in two to three years. OpenAI CEO Sam Altman predicts AGI in four to five years.  

The most advanced big language models, like Google Gemini and OpenAI's GPT-4, have AGI traits. These models may be level one general AI, according to Google DeepMind's classification system for nascent AGI. AGI could greatly accelerate scientific development in many areas. It might transform the world economy. It might make some investors rich.

Top AGI profit stocks Several companies are racing to create AGI due to the potential huge opportunity. Naturally, Alphabet's Google DeepMind leads. DeepMind invented transformers that enabled ChatGPT and other AI innovations. The "T" in GPT stands for transformer. Another AGI developer to watch is Anthropic, which Google invested $2 billion in.  

Alphabet might benefit in many ways from AGI. The technology could fuel virtual assistants that could replace search engines. Google Home devices could use AGI. Google Cloud might host customer AGI apps. Waymo could improve its autonomous vehicles with AGI.  

OpenAI is another strong AGI candidate. Since Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) invests heavily in OpenAI, buying its shares may be the best option. OpenAI's Microsoft license excludes AGI technologies. Microsoft can still profit from OpenAI's AGI developments. It probably will. If so, the corporation could host AGI apps on Azure and commercialize AGI like Alphabet.  

Nvidia (NASDAQ: NVDA) may be a good "pick and shovel" AGI investment. GPUs from the company are the best for AI apps. If AGI is developed, Nvidia's huge R&D investments might keep it on top. AGI may help Nvidia improve chips. Its chips "can't be designed without AI" today, CEO Jensen Huang stated earlier last year. According to Huang, AGI could arrive in five years.  

A reality check Take a reality check. Recent forecasts about AGI's readiness may be unduly optimistic. Some analysts predict decades before AGI. Even Google DeepMind's Legg, who expects AGI in a few years, thinks it would take decades to achieve full-spectrum AGI applications.  

AGI equities may underperform due to practical reasons like excessive valuations. If AGI succeeds, Alphabet, Microsoft, and Nvidia could benefit more in the long run.  

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