Police arrested Morgan Wallen for throwing a chair off a 6-story bar's roof.

Tennessee's Nashville — According to authorities, country music artist Morgan Wallen tossed a chair from the sixth floor of a brand new six-story club in downtown Nashville, leading to his arrest.  

The Metro Nashville Police Department reported that 30-year-old Wallen was taken into custody early Monday morning on three charges of reckless endangerment and one charge of disorderly conduct, which is considered a misdemeanor. A chair was hurled from Chief's bar's rooftop and landed on Broadway, close to two police officers; this is the basis for the allegations.  

Affidavits of arrest state that the chair came to rest within three feet (one meter) from the officers, who then interviewed eyewitnesses and examined surveillance footage. Officers were informed by eyewitnesses that they saw Wallen grab a chair, toss it onto the roof, and then laugh about it.  

According to Worrick Robinson, Wallen's lawyer, the musician is cooperating well with the authorities and his detention was verified late Sunday. He will next appear in court on May 3, after being released from detention.  

Wallen is a household name in modern country music. "One Thing at a Time," his third studio album from 2023, had the highest album consumption rate in the United States last year. He remained at the top of the charts for 30% of 2023 thanks to its 16 weeks at the top of the Billboard 200. No album has spent more time at No. 1 since Adele's "21" ruled more than a decade ago. Among its many top ten singles on the Billboard Hot 100 were "Last Night," "You Proof," "Thinkin' Bout Me," "Thought You Should Know," and "Don't Think Jesus."  

Video of the country musician yelling a racial slur went viral in 2021, leading to his label suspending him indefinitely and radio stations and streaming services removing his music. Consequently, his best-selling album "Dangerous: The Double Album" did not garner any Grammy nominations and he was either disqualified or limited from attending many award presentations.  

He was removed from Kid Rock's downtown Nashville bar in 2020 and subsequently arrested on allegations of disorderly conduct and public intoxication. Posting online, Wallen claimed to have been "horse-playing" with buddies after hitting a couple bars.  

We apologize to the bar employees and anyone else we may have hurt in our post on X. We didn't intend any damage. The municipal authorities deserve praise for the dignity and professionalism with which they have carried out their duties. Take care.  

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