Seven animals that human beings eat alive

Eating animals alive is a practice that occurs in various cultures around the world, often surrounded by controversy due to ethical, health, and animal welfare concerns. Here are seven examples of animals that are sometimes consumed alive by humans.

Oysters: Oysters are commonly eaten alive, primarily because they spoil very quickly after death. When served fresh on the half shell, oysters are typically still alive. They are believed to die when the lemon juice or mignonette sauce is squeezed onto them right before consumption.

Sannakji : A Korean delicacy, sannakji consists of small live octopus that is cut into pieces and served immediately, usually with sesame oil. The octopus pieces are still moving on the plate due to nerve activity. This dish is controversial and poses a choking hazard.

Ikizukuri: A Japanese practice of preparing sashimi from live seafood. The fish is filleted without being killed and served while the heart is still beating, ensuring ultimate freshness. This practice has faced international criticism for being cruel.

Drunken Shrimp: Popular in parts of China, this dish involves live shrimp that are quickly stunned in a strong liquor called baijiu, which supposedly enhances their flavor. The shrimp are then eaten while still alive and wriggling.

Witchetty Grubs: In some indigenous Australian cultures, witchetty grubs — a type of large, wood-eating larva — are eaten alive as a source of protein. They can also be cooked, but are often consumed raw and live.

Cazu Marzu: This traditional Sardinian cheese contains live insect larvae (cheese flies). It's considered a delicacy and is eaten with the live larvae still inside, which are said to enhance the flavor by breaking down the cheese's fats.

Ants and Ant Eggs: In some parts of the world, ants and their eggs are eaten alive. In Colombia, for example, "hormigas culonas," or big-bottomed ants, are toasted alive and eaten as a snack. In parts of Southeast Asia, ant eggs are harvested and eaten raw in salads.

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