On Nov. 12, Marisha Pessl will publish her first novel in six years, ‘Darkly.

NEW YORK  — In her first novel in six years, Marisha Pessl has written a psychological thriller that is filled with the kinds of nuanced hints and connections that she has been known for ever since she made her debut with the critically praised book "Special Topics in Calamity Physics."  

A young adult novel written by Pessl titled "Darkly" will be released on November 12th, according to an announcement made by Delacorte Press on Wednesday  

The narrative revolves around a mysterious game designer named Louisiana Veda and the horrific works that resulted in her foundation gaining a special appeal among young people. One of the opportunities that the foundation is providing is an internship with the slogan "What would you kill for?"  

According to a statement released by Pessl, "Darkly" was conceived under the influence of rainy boardgame nights and the classic, windswept mystery stories that I read when I was a child."   

"My hope is that readers will be drawn into Louisiana Veda's lost gaming world and will attempt to determine, along with the characters, where the woman's story came to an end, where the myth began, and where the overgrown garden lies in between."  

When Pessl's book "Special Topics in Calamity Physics" was released in 2006, she was in her late 20s. She was reportedly paid a six-figure advance for the book  

Special Topics" was a best-selling novel that was awarded the Center for Fiction's First Novel Prize. It was also one of the launches that received the most attention during its time period  

Since that time, she has authored the suspense novel "Night Film," which was published in 2013, as well as her debut novel for young adults, "Neverworld Wake," which was published in 2018.  

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