My Favorite AI Stocks to Purchase Right Away (Part-1)

Recent share prices have risen for companies investing in or developing artificial intelligence (AI). AI is still young, therefore this movement may be just beginning.  

Recently, business interest in AI has grown, but Goldman Sachs research shows that only 16.6% of companies worldwide referenced AI during their earnings calls last year.  

This and the prediction for an AI market above $1 trillion by 2030 suggest growth is just beginning and may continue. Even if some AI players' stock prices have risen on excitement about their AI systems, now is a good moment to buy. I recommend buying these top AI stocks now to win the AI revolution long-term.  

1. Amazon Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) will benefit in two ways from AI. The corporation uses AI in its e-commerce operation to boost efficiency and cut expenses  

For instance, Amazon uses AI to find the fastest delivery routes from its fulfillment center to your home. This and other changes, like switching to regional fulfillment from nationwide, are lowering the company's cost to serve.  

Amazon uses AI and offers AI products and services through its cloud computing subsidiary, which has generated firm profits. Amazon Web Services (AWS) sells its own processors and ultra high-performance chips from Nvidia and offers a complete managed service to help customers customize top large language models.  

AWS, the world's largest cloud provider, is well-positioned to recruit AI customers as they may already use its other cloud services.  

Amazon stock trades for 43 times forward earnings forecasts, which is acceptable given its growth history, leadership in e-commerce and cloud, and promise in AI.  

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