Momentum Investor? The Perfect Stock Could Be This One

Maximizing one's potential in the stock market and doing so with self-assurance are universal objectives for investors of all ages and levels of expertise.

The Zacks Style Scores are a one-of-a-kind set of rules for evaluating companies according to three widely used investing methodologies: growth, momentum, and value. They make it easier to achieve these goals. With the Style Scores, you can more easily determine which stocks are better suited to your portfolio and have a better chance of outperforming the market in the long run.  

Does This One Momentum Stock Look Like It's Time to Buy? Those that invest with a momentum mindset, who believe that "the trend is your friend," look for opportunities to profit from rising or falling stock prices and earnings expectations.   

The Momentum Style Score is a tool for identifying good periods to purchase high-momentum companies. It takes into account a number of parameters, including the percentage change in earnings forecasts from month to month and the one-week price change, among others.  

The streaming video service Netflix (NFLX) When it comes to online video streaming, Netflix was an early innovator. The company's extensive content library and strengthened global presence allowed it to grow from a modest DVD-rental business to a leading streaming service provider. Worldwide, the firm has 260.28 million paying customers as of the conclusion of Q42023.  

NFLX is a stock that has earned a Momentum Style Score of A and a VGM Score of B. It is now rated #3 (Hold) by Zacks. The price movement of Netflix shares has been rather intriguing as of late. The stock has fallen 2.1% in the last week and gained 2.8% in the last four weeks. Plus, NFLX has gained 83.9% in the past year. Over the last 20 days, an average of 2,497,731.25 shares were moved in relation to the stock's trading volume.  

Positive earnings are just as important as price movements for momentum investors. For fiscal year 2024, one analyst has raised their profits projection during the past 60 days. With a $0.09 gain, the Zacks Consensus Estimate is now $17.02/share. On average, NFLX's earnings have surprised investors by 5.4%.  

Investors may want to consider adding NFLX to their portfolios due to its outstanding earnings growth, good Zacks Rank, and top-tier Momentum and VGM Style Scores.  

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