'Meant to be there': Man stops stray hockey puck from striking 4-year-old.

Asia Davis searched the internet for a hero, like many do nowadays. Her goal: to find the dad who died protecting her son at a Cleveland Monsters hockey game at Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse on Thursday. 

Davis recalls the intensity on the rink increasing as the third period of the American Hockey League contest entered its final seconds. Makaila Smith, her buddy, recorded some of the players' scramble close to her. Smith captured a wayward puck off the ice flying into the stands and near Davis and her 4-year-old son Nasir. 

The group took photos to remember the experience, but after the game, they parted ways without exchanging contact information. Davis, her adrenaline surging and her head pounding, wanted to leave the arena immediately. 

On April 11, Nasir and Podolak take a selfie at the game.Photo by Asia Davis However, she felt that may have been a disservice to Podolak, so she called the arena to find the man she felt she owed more to for his selflessness. 

Davis posted a video on Saturday night calling for Podolak's location, which has been viewed over 1.7 million times. 

Davis wrote, “He was like, ‘I was meant to be here,’” recalling their conversation. And he was. You cannot tell me God is not real, she added. After the video and plea reached him, Podolak texted her a few hours later. He initially “just jump in front” of the speeding puck, said Podolak. He remembered making the block by reaching across at the right time. 

The Cleveland Monsters also acknowledged the trio, posting their photo on their official X page with the phrase, “WE FOUND THEM!” and giving them tickets to Saturday's game, where Nasir dropped the puck.  

Davis tearfully told Podolak, “You’re a really special person and I just hope that you never go a day in your life without knowing that. 

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