Loon rescues Warriors from Blazers' clutches after sweeping away dust (Part-2)

“He’s a pros pro," Podziemski remarked about Looney. Because of Trayce, he hasn't been in rotation, but he still does his job. He has been a member of the league for some time.

According to Podziemski, Looney trains among other players who don't play a lot of minutes, such as Lester Quiñones, as well as two-way players Usman Garuba, Jerome Robinson, and Pat Spencer. Podziemski is clearly paying attention to Looney's highly lauded professionalism. "He stays silent," Podziemski remarked. "He acts as if nothing is wrong.  

The thing I enjoy most about Loon is that no matter what he does, you can always count on getting the same thing. To make an impact on the game, he doesn't even need to shoot. He will play correctly, establish strong screens, and get his whatever number of rebounds he needs. He always gives you the same thing. That's my goal as a rookie; that's how I see it.  

The 28-year-old Looney could tell the Blazers would give him a run in pregame room analysis. What he couldn't have foreseen was how crucial those minutes would be in preventing Golden State from humiliatingly losing to a squad that is departing for vacation in four days.  

Everyone has to step up now that Draymond, Klay, and GP are out, Looney stated. Therefore, I maintained a state of readiness to attempt to have an impact. We are aware that this game was crucial. Without our players, we knew it would be challenging, but we managed.  

They were able to pull it off because Curry, who had a career-high 22 points, scored eight of those points in the fourth quarter. Podziemski, encouraged by Green, successfully defended youngster Scoot Henderson in the final seconds.  

The Warriors overcame a severe deficit in second-chance points (28-15) and sloppiness (16 mistakes, for 19 Portland scores) thanks in large part to Looney.  

When the game was on the line, Looney, the Warriors' closer, brushed off the dust and shone brightly.  

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