Lawyer: OJ Simpson was drinking beer on a couch before Easter. He died 2 weeks later (Part-2).  

“Mr. Simpson, to my understanding, had expressed his wishes to his children,” LaVergne added. “And so they will fulfill those wishes.” The attorney claimed Simpson wanted to be cremated and had no public memorial planned until his family decided. “There’s only been tentative discussions of a celebration of life (or) ceremony,” LaVergne added.  

The attorney submitted Simpson's last will and testament in Nevada state court two days after his death, naming just his four children as beneficiaries. He stated family trust details are pending. The attorney would not assess the estate but stated Simpson did not own a home in Nevada, California, or Florida after living there. He said accounts were being counted.  

Simpson notably was acquitted of stabbing his ex-wife and her friend Ronald Goldman to death in 1994 in Los Angeles. The 1996 California trial was called the “trial of the century.” A 1997 California civil court jury convicted Simpson of the deaths.  

Simpson was sentenced to nine years in Las Vegas in 2008 for armed robbery in a 2007 casino-hotel encounter with two collectibles dealers. He led a golf-and-country club lifestyle after his October 2017 prison release, posting about sports and golf on social media.   

He sent his farewell message on Feb. 11 wearing a San Francisco 49ers jersey and predicted Super Bowl LVIII victory over the Kansas City Chiefs. The Chiefs won.  

LaVergne admitted Simpson died without paying the families of his ex-wife and Goldman most of a $33.5 million civil liability judgment from 1997. Attorney David Cook, representing the Goldman family, said Tuesday that the judgment owed today, including unpaid interest, exceeds $114 million.  

LaVergne indicated last week the Goldmans wouldn't obtain Simpson's assets, then reversed. He stated Tuesday he believed the debt exceeded $200 million. He claimed Simpson's assets won't be that much.  

“They’re going to be invited to view my homework,” in reference to the Goldman and Brown families. "I want to show them what I have with the caveat that if they believe something else is out there, they'll have to use their own attorneys and resources to find that pot of gold."  

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