Lawyer: OJ Simpson was drinking beer on a couch before Easter. He died 2 weeks later (Part-1).  

Las Vegas — O.J. Simpson's final serious conversation with his lawyer occurred before Easter at the country club he leased southwest of Las Vegas. “He was awake, alert and chilling,” attorney Malcom LaVergne said Tuesday.   

“He's on the couch, drinking beer and watching TV. That ended our effective back-and-forth chats. He generally updates me on the news, so we were catching up.”  

A week later, on April 5, a doctor claimed Simpson was “transitioning,” LaVergne added. Simpson only had the power to beg for water and watch a TV golf competition instead of tennis last week when LaVergne came. “Of course he chose golf,” LaVergne told AP. ‘He was an amazing golf fanatic. Simpson died April 10 from prostate cancer detected last year. He was 76.  

The following day, Simpson's family posted on X, previously Twitter, that Simpson “succumbed to his battle with cancer” “surrounded by his children and grandchildren.” Attorney LaVergne said Tuesday that only one person was with Simpson when he died, “a close family member.” He wouldn't identify it.  

“You have to remember that they’ve shared O.J. with the world their entire lives,” the attorney said of Simpson's surviving adult children from his first marriage, Arnelle Simpson, 55, and Jason Simpson, 53, and his children from Nicole Brown Simpson, who was killed in 1994: Sydney, 38, and Justin, 35. This family social media post requested “privacy and grace” “during this time of transition.”  

At initially, they shared nice O.J. He remained famous, LaVergne remarked. From 1994 on, they had to reveal bad guy O.J. However, these children lost a parent. And they have the added responsibility that he is one of the world's most famous, contentious, and controversial people.”  

Simpson's estate attorney, LaVergne, described his final sessions with the former football star, movie actor, sportscaster, television pitchman, and celebrity murder defendant he has represented since 2009.  

He dodged questions regarding Simpson's deathbed confession to move “from somber to the sensationalism and the amusement.” He added Simpson's body won't be investigated for chronic brain injuries from suspected head knocks during his 11 NFL seasons as a running back.  

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