Jaquan Brisker hit back at media member who questioned Bears playoff chances.

Media personality Joy Taylor said the Bears' 2024 postseason ambitions are fanciful. The Lions, who reached the NFC Championship last season, and the Packers, who defeated the Dallas Cowboys on the road in the playoffs, made the Bears' division too formidable, she said.

Taylor doubts the Bears will make the playoffs despite their superior squad. "There's a lot of factors," Taylor stated on "Speak." To sit here and expect Caleb Williams to come in and win four more games, as if that's simple in the NFL, and then expect them to be in the playoffs just because he plays well, or even well? Did all the other teams disappear?"

Bear safety Jaquan Brisker didn't like the remarks. He rebutted Taylor's reasoning video. Taylor's reasoning was reasonable. At the outset of their competitive window, the Bears face tough NFC North competition. The Lions and Packers are NFC veterans and have shown their worth.  

She claims Caleb Williams won't make the Bears playoff-worthy. She also prefers teams with an established core and a recent winning streak because the Bears' offseason additions haven't had time to gel.  

"It's not about what I think Caleb Williams is capable of doing," Taylor adds. "I can't seem to forget other teams are talented, in the division, and lately accomplished tremendous things. I can't just dismiss what everyone else has been building to accommodate one player who's going to a team with no culture, no recent winning history, a mystery head coach, and all these new additions who are all on paper and haven't played together."  

These are valid points again. Williams is a rookie NFL player. Other than their paper value, the Bears have no postseason resume. She makes reckless and unsubstantiated statements about Bears culture and recent wins. Team culture is best understood by being on the team. Trying to say the Bears don't have culture is ridiculous.  

Also improving is the Bears' record. Two seasons ago, they had the worst NFL record; last season, they were 7-10. Let's utilize the Lions again since Taylor did. They went 3-13, 9-8, and 12-5 in the past three seasons. Bears can follow that line.  

Particularly since the Bears have made paradigm-shifting roster moves. Keenan Allen, D'Andre Swift, Gerald Everett, and Kevin Byard joined Montez Sweat at the trade deadline. In addition, they have another draft and a developing class. Taylor refuses the Lions and Packers are gaining momentum, as are the Bears.  

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