Hoge calls Drake Maye "the kind of player that will get you fired"

Within the next week and a half, it will be impossible to predict which quarterbacks will be available for selection beyond the first overall pick. Among some, North Carolina quarterback Drake Maye has a shot at the number two spot. That could be seen by some as an error.  

Maye is ranked sixth among quarterbacks by Chris Simms, who also has Caleb Williams, Jayden Daniels, Bo Nix, Michael Penix Jr., and J.J. McCarthy. Maye shares the opinion of Merril Hoge, a former NFL fullback and ESPN analyst. Hoge recently told AthlonSports.com that whoever chooses Maye might lose their job.  

"Drake Maye is the kind of player that will get you fired," Hoge stated during an interview on WCCO radio. "Especially if you draft him in the top five or top three, he’s going to get you fired."  

Hoge drew parallels between Maye and rookie quarterback Malik Willis from 2021, who was the 3rd overall pick but lost to the Titans despite being the hot favorite. If he's lucky, he'll finish second in Tennessee this season.  

"Willis might be the only guy that I can think of that is as erratic as Maye," remarked Hoge. I spent two years researching him... I made sure to catch all of his games last year. He is supposed to be an exceptional franchise quarterback, but his most recent game versus [North Carolina State] was the most embarrassing exhibition I've ever seen from him. Unpredictable is him. He keeps popping up.  

Hoge is worried that Maye won't be able to put his athleticism to good use in a way that doesn't compromise his health.  

People think his athleticism will translate but people want him to run and they will bust him up," said Hoge. "His athleticism is inadequate. "He won't last until Week 10 unless he gets down and learns how to do that."  

Since many clubs are taking a chance on potentially drafting a top-five quarterback in the future, quarterbacks are often overdrafted. It will never happen, in Hoge's view, and whoever is responsible for his abduction will hear the words "See you later." In the near future.  

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