Harmful food combinations that can make you fall sick 

Fruit with Protein: Fruit digests quickly, whereas proteins take longer, thus eating fruit with meat, eggs, or dairy can create stomach issues. This can promote intestinal fermentation and bloating. For instance, avoid breakfast fruit salad with yogurt or eggs.

When carbs like bread, pasta, or potatoes are mixed with proteins, which need an acidic environment to digest, digestive difficulties can occur. Mixing these foods can cause bloating and gastrointestinal issues. Avoid meat and bread sandwiches and steak with mashed potatoes.

Milk with Citrus Fruits: Milk and dairy products with acidic fruits like citrus fruits can induce stomach curdling and digestive pain. Citrus fruits' acidity can coagulate milk proteins, making digestion harder. Avoid mixing orange juice or grapefruit with milk or yogurt.

Fruits with High-Starch Foods: Due to their differing digestion durations and processes, bananas with wheat or rice can ferment in the digestive tract. Gas, bloating, and discomfort can follow.

Fruits with Yogurt: Acidic fruits can upset the gut bacteria and cause stomach difficulties. The fruit acidity can also cause yogurt to curdle in the stomach, causing discomfort. Consider having fruits separately or plain yogurt without added fruits.

Milk with Iron-Rich Food ( Milk and dairy products with iron-rich foods like spinach or red meat can decrease iron absorption. Calcium in milk can hinder plant and animal iron uptake. Iron-rich foods should be eaten apart from dairy to enhance absorption.

Combining high-protein and high-fat foods, such as steak with buttery sauces or burgers with cheese, can impede digestion and cause stomach pain. Combining proteins and lipids might overburden the digestive system since they require different enzymes.

Combining acidic meals like tomatoes or citrus fruits with spicy dishes can worsen acid reflux and induce heartburn or indigestion. Acidic and spicy foods can irritate the stomach lining and cause pain.

Cold Drinks with Meals: Ice water and soda restrict stomach blood vessels, slowing food digestion. Drink room-temperature or warm drinks with meals to aid digestion.

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