Food items that should not be consumed with milk  

Citrus and Acidic Fruit Why Avoid: Citrus fruits like oranges, grapefruits, and lemons can curdle milk in your stomach, leading to discomfort and an unpleasant sensation. Acidic fruits can cause the milk to break into heavier curds, making digestion difficult.

Fish Why Avoid: In many cultures, combining fish and milk is traditionally believed to cause indigestion or skin conditions like white patches (vitiligo), although there is limited scientific evidence to support this. However, the differing protein structures in fish and milk can potentially cause digestive issues in some people.

Banana Why Avoid: This combination is often debated; while popular in many places for its taste and nutritional benefits, some believe that together, they can create heaviness in the stomach and slow down the mind, potentially leading to congestion, colds, and allergies.

Salty Food Why Avoid: Salt and milk together may lead to chemical and biochemical reactions that can turn the milk into a more heavy and difficult-to-digest form. It's generally recommended to avoid mixing excessively salty foods with milk.

Black Lentils Why Avoid: According to Ayurveda, certain protein-rich foods like urad dal combined with milk can disturb the digestive process and might create digestive disorders.

Egg Why Avoid: Like fish, the combination of eggs and milk can be hard on the digestive system and might lead to discomfort for some people. It's often suggested to consume these protein sources at different times.

Yeast or Fermented Product Why Avoid: Yeast can interact with milk and potentially lead to congestion and digestive issues. Baked goods with active yeast should ideally not be consumed with milk.

Sour or Pickled Ingredient Why Avoid: Sour foods or anything that has been pickled will have a high level of acidity which can cause milk to curdle. This can be uncomfortable and lead to indigestion.

Greasy and Deep-Fried Food Why Avoid: Although not a direct interaction with milk, greasy foods can exacerbate the heaviness of milk and make it more challenging for your stomach to process the fat content effectively.

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