Manners that you ought to observe in the workplace  

Punctuality: Arrive on time for work, meetings, and appointments. Respect your colleagues' time by being punctual and avoiding unnecessary delays. 

Professional Appearance: Dress appropriately for your workplace and adhere to any dress code policies. Maintain good personal hygiene and grooming habits. 

Respect for Others: Treat your colleagues, supervisors, and subordinates with respect and courtesy. Listen actively, avoid interrupting others, and be mindful of different perspectives and opinions. 

Use of Technology: Use technology responsibly and in accordance with company policies. Avoid excessive personal use of electronic devices during work hours and be mindful of cybersecurity protocols. 

Confidentiality: Respect confidentiality and privacy concerns by refraining from discussing sensitive or confidential information with unauthorized individuals. Protect sensitive data and documents from unauthorized access or disclosure. 

Communication: Practice clear and professional communication in all interactions, whether verbal or written. Use appropriate language and tone, and be mindful of cultural differences and sensitivities. 

Teamwork and Collaboration: Foster a spirit of teamwork and collaboration by supporting your colleagues, sharing knowledge and resources, and contributing to group efforts. Be open to feedback and constructive criticism. 

Workspace Etiquette: Maintain a clean and organized workspace, and respect shared office spaces such as conference rooms, kitchens, and break areas. Clean up after yourself and avoid leaving clutter or mess for others to deal with. 

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