Executive Norby Williamson departs ESPN after nearly four decades with the company

BRISTOL, Connecticut — At the end of nearly four decades with ESPN, Norby Williamson, who served as the head of event and studio production, has decided to leave the network.  

Burke Magnus, who is the head of content for the network, made the announcement of the shift in a memo that was sent out on Friday. A report about the move was initially published by the New York Post.  

Williamson was in charge of overseeing the studio content of ESPN, which included "SportsCenter," as well as the National Football League and college football.

The incident that occurred in the beginning of January between Pat McAfee, Aaron Rodgers, and Jimmy Kimmel also included Williamson as a contributing party.  

During his interview on McAfee's show on January 2, Rodgers made a veiled reference to the possibility that the name of comedian Jimmy Kimmel could be included on a list of acquaintances of Jeffrey Epstein  

a wealthy who was later found to have committed himself after being accused of sex trafficking involving minors.  

As a result of the verbal battle that took place between Kimmel and Rodgers, McAfee and ESPN experienced some level of strain  

According to McAfee, Williamson had no respect for him and was attempting to "sabotage" his program. McAfee also alleged that Williamson attacked him.  

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