Dividends Earn Bill Gates Over $1.26 Million Daily. Top 5 Stocks Paying Him Most

There is ample evidence that Bill Gates, the world's eighth-wealthiest individual, prefers dividend income. The astounding $463.2 million he might anticipate to get this year from his portfolio is a clear reflection of his investment preferences.  

Investments in companies with high dividend yields are at the heart of Gates's strategy, which demonstrates his dedication to reliable sources of income over the long run. Five important equities contribute significantly to this revenue, according to the most current 13F filing by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Trust.  

A sizeable portion of Gates's holdings include Canadian National Railway Co (NYSE:CNI), a leading transportation and logistics provider in North America. Approximately $6.88 billion is worth of the 54,826,786 shares he owns. With a daily revenue of $365,511.90 and an annual income of $133,777,357.80, Gates's investment yields a profit of $0.61 per share. An yield of 1.85% is displayed by Canadian National Railway.  

Tech giant Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) Being the man who started it all, Gates still has a sizable stake in the tech behemoth he co-founded. With an average dividend rate of $0.75 per share and 38,210,869 shares in his possession, Gates's yearly income from Microsoft amounts to $114,632,607, or $313,203.84 each day  

Both his conviction in the company's ability to innovate and maintain its market dominance and his desire to leave a lasting legacy are reflected in this investment. The dividend yield on Microsoft is 0.73% right now.

The sustainable investment values held by Gates are in line with those of Waste Management, Inc. (NYSE:WM), the biggest waste management company in North America. With 35,234,344 shares, Gates has a net worth of slightly more than $6.3 billion. He will earn $105,703,032 a year, or $288,806.10 every day, thanks to the $0.75 quarterly dividend payment per share. The present yield for Waste Management is 1.46 percent.  

Corporation Caterpillar (NYSE:CAT) Among Gates' holdings is Caterpillar Inc., a company well-known for its mining and construction machinery. His shareholdings amount to 7,353,614 and are valued at around $2.17 billion. With the $1.30 quarterly dividend, his total Caterpillar income is $38,238,792.80, or $104,477.58 daily. The current yield for Caterpillar is 1.43 percent.  

Company Name: Deere & Co. (NYSE:DE) Agricultural and construction machinery industry leader Deere & Company is a major investment for Gates. Gates earns $20,917,382.64 - $57,151.32 every day from Deere, with 3,917,693 shares worth around $1.42 billion and a dividend of $1.47 per share. The dividend yield for Deere & Company is 1.49% at the moment.  

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