Cowboys misframe CeeDee Lamb's statements.

According to a rumor that surfaced on Monday, Cowboys receiver CeeDee Lamb is reportedly planning to skip both the required minicamp and the voluntary portion of the offseason program. Then, a video showing Lamb responding to extremely broad inquiries regarding his future surfaced on  

Nobody asked him if he plans to skip either the optional workouts or the required minicamp. His only question was about his availability in Dallas. In spite of his assurances that "I'll be in Dallas," he may still be trying to hold out. In the eyes of the Cowboys, it is not. The team's official website uses Lamb's statement as evidence that he will not demand the new deal he deserves.  

The article states that Lamb "doesn't sound like... a player who is worried about his future with the Cowboys" and that he "doesn't appear bothered, concerned or dismayed by his ongoing contract negotiations."  

Two separate matters are whether he will be in Dallas for the upcoming season and whether he will take part in the offseason program. That isn't how the Cowboys and the NFL's official website—which covered Lamb's remarks—see it.  

They must be well-informed. Lamb has not committed to attending offseason workouts, which may be seen as an attempt to minimize the team's inability to provide a satisfactory offer thus far or as a tactic to set a precedent for criticism in the event that he does decide to stay away.  

He has played for four seasons, earning a long-term contract. He has not yet received an offer he cannot refuse from the Cowboys, who have a penchant for postponing elite players' salaries (despite the fact that this practice seldom results in cost savings).  

Finding an appropriate amount for both parties is the difficult part. Due of Lamb's 2024 contract and the availability of the franchise tag in 2025, the Cowboys have power. Lamb can gain influence by withholding services.  

Indeed, he ought to do so. And his comments to should not be taken as proof that he won't.  

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