Contract talks and trade speculations prompt Brandon Aiyuk to unfollow the 49ers.

The wide receiver for San Francisco, Brandon Aiyuk, has done what many NFL players do when they are unhappy with their teams: he has resigned from his position. He removed his team from his Instagram followers.  

Because Aiyuk is interested in obtaining a new contract, he has stopped following the official account of the 49ers.  

Because Aiyuk is about to enter the fifth and final season of his rookie deal, he has made it abundantly clear that he is seeking a long-term contract extension that would place him among the wide receivers who earn the top salaries in the National Football League.  

Before a couple of weeks had passed, Aiyuk stated that he is attempting to receive what he is due and questioned whether or not the 49ers recognize the worth in everything that he offers.  

In response to queries on the reports that Aiyuk could be traded, 49ers General Manager John Lynch stated that he intends to have Aiyuk around for a significant amount of time. However, there have been rumors that Aiyuk could be traded.  

When Lynch was directly asked about the speculations that Aiyuk could be dealt to Pittsburgh, he responded by saying, "I promise you, there is nothing going on there."  

Aiyuk will earn $14.1 million this year if he plays out the final year of his rookie deal. After that, he will either be franchise-tagged or become a free agent in March of 2025, depending on which possibility he chooses.   

It would be more favorable for Aiyuk to receive a significant offer from the 49ers at this time, or from another team that is prepared to trade for him and pay him financially.  

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