Bitcoin dominates NFT sales with nearly US$16 mln.

With sales surpassing US$16.63 million in the 24 hours leading up to noon ET on Monday, Bitcoin surpassed all other blockchains in terms of non-fungible token (NFT) sales. Despite a 36.67% decline in sales volume, Bitcoin nevertheless managed to top the day's rankings according to Crypto Slam's data.

Since the first blockchain network in the world was unable to break the US$10 million threshold for the whole trading week last week, this decline is seen as a recovery.  

On the other hand, Ethereum surpassed $10 million in sales on Monday, moving it into second position, thanks to a 22% increase in sales. Despite CryptoPunk's additional $1 million sale, Bitcoin easily surpassed the all-time NFT sales leader.

For 320 ETH, or about US$1.095 million, CryptoPunk 2306 was sold, making it the 73rd biggest CryptoPunk transaction ever. Prior to Monday's transaction, the prior owner held onto the asset for a period of two years.  

Monday saw a surge in the cryptocurrency market as Bitcoin moved above US$70,000 for the first time since April. With a 3.6% increase, the entire market capitalization of cryptocurrencies reached $2.8 trillion. In the past week, native Bitcoin and Ethereum coins have gained over 5%. Contrasting fortunes have befallen Solana, who ranks third in NFT sales.  

With a 20% decline, daily NFT sales have dropped to $4.6 million—less than half of Ethereum's total. Although it experienced a minor increase of 0.4% on the day, the native cryptocurrency of Solana, SOL, is down 3.6% over the previous week.  

The majority of Solana's transactions failing, as reported on the Dune Analytics dashboard, has recently put the network in the spotlight of controversy.  

Some market watchers have indicated that bots trying and failing at arbitrage trades are the primary cause of the unsuccessful transactions, while others have pointed the finger at a malfunctioning network.  

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