Billy Joel enjoyed 'hanging out' with Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran at 100th MSG gig.

Recently, Billy Joel has been exceptionally ubiquitous due to the fact that he has released his first new song in seventeen years, that he will be performing at the Grammy Awards, and that his final residency gig at Madison Square Garden is scheduled to take place in July.  

In response to your inquiry about how he is feeling after being thrown back into the spotlight, he laughs. "I'm feeling a little confused. When asked about the megillah that comes with the release of a new record, Joel answers, "I'm not used to hearing it."  

Specifically, he is referring to the tune "Turn the Lights Back On," which was published in January and was his first record to reach the top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart since 1997.

In addition to these achievements, he is currently in the process of winding down his record-setting tenure at Madison Square Garden, which began in January 2014 and will come to an end on July 25.  

In spite of the fact that Joel had performed at the legendary New York arena close to 150 times throughout the course of his six-decade career, the concert that took place on March 28 marked the 100th show of his residency. This momentous occasion was recognized onstage with his friends Jerry Seinfeld and Sting.  

The entire megillah is now being referred to as "Billy Joel: The 100th – Live at Madison Square Garden," which is a two-hour event that will be broadcast on CBS on April 14 at 9 p.m. both Eastern Time and Pacific Time.  

Joel will continue to tour the country, filling stadiums with his sometimes-acerbic, sometimes-introspective, and always-vivid anthems such as "Scenes From an Italian Restaurant," "Pressure," "Uptown Girl," "My Life," and the immortal "Piano Man." However, even if he does not make a monthly appearance at The Garden, he will still continue to tour.  

A laid-back, self-deprecating, and quick-witted individual, Joel, just had a conversation with USA TODAY in which he discussed singing with Sting, making errors, and the reasons why he currently enjoys his new song.  

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