Biden rallies younger Wisconsin voters with ‘life-changing’ student loan relief. (Part-1)

Madison — President Joe Biden said Monday that his new student loan debt proposal will provide “life-changing” relief to more than 30 million borrowers, a fresh attempt by the Democratic president to fulfill a campaign promise that might boost his image with younger voters.  

During a trip to Wisconsin, one of many battleground states that might decide Biden's anticipated November rematch with Republican nominee Donald Trump, he revealed the months-long endeavor. Biden criticized rising college costs and said he wants to “give everybody a fair shot” and “freedom to chase their dreams”.

“Even when they work hard and pay their student loans, their debt increases,” he said. „Too many individuals feel the strain and tension, wondering if they can get married, have their first kid, create a family, since even if they survive, they still have crushing debt.”  

Biden's trip, which included a Chicago fundraiser on the way back to Washington, comes a week after Wisconsin primary voting revealed his electoral weaknesses for the general election. More than 48,000 Democratic voters selected “uninstructed” over Biden, roughly double his 2020 state win.  

Nearly 119,000 Republicans defied Trump in the state's primary. However, Biden's results, which echoed protest votes in Michigan and Minnesota, have alarmed Democrats who want to strengthen the coalition that got him elected.  

War between Israel and Hamas is a major breach. Younger voters are more inclined to disapprove of Biden's backing for Israel's Gaza operation, which has killed many Palestinian civilians. Madison Democratic Rep. Mark Pocan said war concerns have grown. Pocan wanted Biden to know he was “surprised to see the intensity on the issue” from all ages of voters.  

I just want to make sure he knows that if we have a problem, it could be in Wisconsin,” Pocan added. Some young people are impatient with Biden's student loan forgiveness efforts. Biden termed his first attempt to forgive hundreds of billions of dollars in loans a “mistake” after the Supreme Court rejected it last year.  

Since then, the White House has focused debt relief for public service workers and low-income borrowers. Administration authorities canceled $144 billion in student loans for nearly 4 million Americans.  

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