Best AI stock to buy now: Palantir. The reason.

Over the past year, investors have focused on AI equities. Tech companies were optimistic about game-changing productivity increases as technology transformed them. Palantir (NYSE: PLTR) may best represent this hope. The corporation used AI to power its apps, but generative AI might change that. The method.  

Palantir, generative AI Palantir is known for AI-driven analytics. Initially used in national defense, the Gotham platform helped the CIA discover Osama bin Laden. With few government clients, Palantir launched Foundry to apply its analytical skills to the business sector, expanding its market.  

Still, its Artificial Intelligence Platform (AIP) may unleash much of its development potential. For insights, AIP uses generative AI, enterprise data, action, and logic. Bootcamps, five-day workshops that help prospective clients develop AI use cases, showed AIP's power.  

Palantir supplied customer data workflows in bootcamps, a process that took one to three months before. These reduced durations boost productivity greatly. One potential client claimed "100 use cases," while another claimed "endless solutions" from this platform. Palantir might get a lot of business from this. Over 560 Palantir bootcamps were held in 465 businesses by 2023.  

Financial status of Palantir Revenue increase from AIP appears to have been disappointing. Its $2.2 billion 2023 revenue climbed 17% yearly. If accurate, the $2.66 billion sales forecast for 2024 is a 19% revenue increase.  

For five quarters, the company has produced a GAAP profit, and its $210 million net income attributable to shareholders is significantly above the $374 million loss last year. In 2024, experts predict 32% net income growth, which should raise the stock price.  

The stock climbed 175% in the past year, so it has received some rewards. This raised the forward P/E ratio to about 70. As the benefits of AIP become well known, more enterprises and governments may take advantage of its productivity improvements. That tendency may justify Palantir's high price.

Consider Palantir Palantir's generative AI capability makes it a compelling investment. Considering its technology, revenue growth was moderate. Its shares have also attracted investors at high prices.  

Palantir's software should provide it huge pricing power due to its productivity increases. It should expand rapidly and become one of the most important and sought-after artificial intelligence stocks as revenue and income rise.  

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