At-home plants that have the potential to attract negative energy  

Tamarind - In some cultures, tamarind trees are believed to harbor spirits and are often associated with ghosts. It is considered unlucky to plant them near homes. 

Cactus - While cacti are popular for their unique beauty and easy care, some beliefs suggest that they can bring bad energy due to their thorny and spiky texture, which is thought to create a barrier to positive energy. 

Cotton Plant- In folklore, cotton plants are sometimes thought to bring bad luck to the home, perhaps because of their association with extensive labor and hardship in history. 

Banyan Tree- This tree is often revered and considered sacred in many parts of India; however, it is also sometimes thought to be inauspicious to have within the boundaries of one's home because it harbors spirits. 

Willow Trees - Associated with sadness and mourning in some Western cultures, willow trees are sometimes considered to bring grief and sorrow when planted too close to the home. 

Hydrangeas - In some parts of Europe, there is a superstition that hydrangeas can symbolize boastfulness or vanity, and some believe it can bring bad luck to the home. 

Peony - In some contexts, peonies are considered too powerful and, according to some folk beliefs, can bring negative energy if not balanced with other plants or if placed in certain areas of the home. 

Oleander- While not necessarily associated with bad luck, oleander is extremely toxic, and having it in or around the home can be seen as negative due to the danger it poses to humans and pets. 

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