Alabama's election chief thinks Biden may miss the November ballot deadline.

While in Montgomery, Alabama, — On Tuesday, Alabama's chief elections official indicated that President Joe Biden might not be on the ballot in the state. This is due to the fact that the deadline for certification is just a few days before the Democratic Party's convention.  

Republican Wes Allen, Alabama's secretary of state, made the comment on Tuesday, one day after Ohioans voiced similar worries that Biden might not be on the ballot there.  

The deadline for certification in Alabama is August 15, which is four days before the start of the Democratic National Convention, according to a letter written by Allen to Randy Kelley, chairman of the Alabama Democratic Party. It was Allen's indication that the deadline must be satisfied for Biden's name to appear on the ballot.

"The certification of the Democratic Party's presidential and vice presidential candidates for the 2024 general election is contingent upon this Office receiving a valid certificate of nomination from the party after its convention by the statutory deadline," Allen stated.  

On Tuesday night, Kelley informed The Associated Press that he had reached out to the DNC regarding the issue in order to determine the next steps. Submitting a provisional certification is one possible course of action.  

Joe Biden's name will appear on ballots in every state, according to the Biden campaign. Preliminary certification of ballot access can be granted by state officials before presidential nominating conventions end. Provisional certification was an option for Democratic and Republican nominees in a number of states in 2020, including Washington, Montana, Alabama, and Illinois.  

The deadline for submitting presidential nominations is eighty-two days before to the election in Alabama, according to state law.

A bill to extend the 2020 election certification date was enacted by the Republican-controlled Alabama Legislature in 2020. This modification was made "to accommodate the dates of the 2020 Republican National Convention," according to the bill. That year, the deadline was advanced by approximately one week. This modification was made specifically for that year. But if Kelley had any questions, he was told to call his office.  

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