After meeting with Bill Belichick, Matt Rhule was astounded.

He addressed Nebraska's annual coaching workshop. Matt Rhule, who was dismissed by Carolina as an NFL coach, was overwhelmed by Belichick.

He is so smart, he’s seen so much, that he can make the complex so simple that it humbles and embarrasses you," Rhule told Omaha's KETV 7. I felt uncomfortable listening to him, how brilliant and simple it was. He spent four and a half hours with coaches  

Instead of the clinic, he met with our coaches. After three and a half hours, I asked, "Coach, want a water?" A coffee? Want to use the restroom? I badly needed the bathroom, you know? He says, ‘I'm OK, Matt.’ ‘Yes, sir.’ Sitting and conversing, right?  

"Just his 15-year-old memories. Only because he has to slow down to make sure you understand him do we not get more information. This man is a savant, right? Former defensive coordinator.   

He coordinated special teams. As a coach, he may be an offensive coordinator. Two-time head coach. He was G.M. He talks about football in a way that illuminates and simplifies things to the point of "Oh my goodness."  

Right, my gosh. Seven teams might have hired him this year. None did. The problem in most situations is that Belichick would disturb positions that weren't empty when the team was seeking for a coach. Even if he would be content to merely coach, his presence and that humbling and embarrassing knowledge will make it difficult for whoever controls the draft or roster to feel comfortable.  

Will someone fully empower Belichick next year? It'll probably take that. Not to convince Belichick to agree, but to make sure no one on the payroll fears being exposed as fake like Belichick. Few wouldn't be if the club performs poorly enough to fire its coaches.  

Thus, Belichick should return to the NFL next season. The NFL should have him this year. His absence may not be restricted to one year. Age discrimination in NFL coaching and front-office roles is real but underreported.The NFC East remains the hot spot, with the Cowboys, Eagles, and Giants all potentially pursuing him in 2024.  

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