2 April Stocks to Buy for Explosion

Growth stock investors have had a great year thanks to the 33% gain in the tech-heavy Nasdaq Composite index. Meta Platforms and Nvidia more than doubled, making them two of the biggest gainers in a rising market. Of course, such a significant surge can depress indexes. However, markets can set new records when momentum is high. With that in mind, let's examine a few stocks that could rise significantly in April and beyond.  

1. Listen to this report Investors in Netflix (NASDAQ: NFLX) have marked April 18 in red. The streaming video giant's fiscal Q1 earnings report for March is released on that date. Netflix stock is near its all-time high ahead of that news. From mid-2022 lows, shares have risen roughly 200%. Two years ago, the stock fell when the business disclosed back-to-back subscriber losses.  

But the pandemic growth hangover is past. Netflix reported significant revenue growth in late January due to a record 13 million new memberships. A popular content schedule and password-sharing restriction helped the streamer. These triumphs set it apart in a congested entertainment industry and boosted sales to 12% in 2023 from 6% in 2022.  

Bigger improvements may be coming. Netflix's digital advertising push should pay off in 2024. After all, the digital advertising sector is recovering after an inflation-driven decline in recent years. Given that it accounts for only 8% of U.S. streaming TV hours, the company has space to grow viewer engagement. The company is on track to have over 20% profit margins and have enough cash flow. These triumphs frequently yield big returns.  

2. Boring pays. Procter & Gamble (NYSE: PG) stock is rarely volatile, but April may be an extremely tumultuous month for shareholders. Management typically raises its annual dividend in April, a few days before P&G reports its fiscal Q3 results on April 19. Both developments could benefit investors.  

After years of pandemic-related revenue growth, P&G's sales are declining. Lower inflation and softer demand are hurting top-line sales. Due to those two issues, management expects modest organic sales growth this fiscal year.  

Despite weak sales in 2023, P&G increased profit margins. The corporation minimized volume decreases better than Kimberly-Clark, demonstrating its pricing power. Owning the top competitor in dozens of consumer basics sectors like detergents and diapers benefits.  

Although P&G's stock has risen 5% in the past year, it has missed the latest market boom. If consumers choose to cheaper solutions, investors may face another year of low profits.  

However, P&G will likely raise its dividend for the 68th year in April before reporting robust earnings growth for its current fiscal year. Your market-thumping returns may take longer with this mature corporation, but P&G stock offers significant long-term gains.  

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