1975-S Proof Set: No Mint Mark on Dime 

The 1975-S Proof Set is a collection of proof coins produced by the United States Mint specifically for collectors. Each set typically includes proof versions of the Lincoln cent, Jefferson nickel, Roosevelt dime, Washington quarter, and Kennedy half dollar. 

Regarding the absence of a mint mark on the dime in your 1975-S Proof Set, this is not uncommon. During certain years, particularly in the 1970s and early 1980s, the San Francisco Mint did not always place mint marks on proof coins.  

This was due to the fact that proof coins were typically minted at the San Francisco Mint during this time period, and the omission of the mint mark was intentional. 

Proof coins are struck using specially polished dies and planchets, resulting in coins with a mirror-like finish and sharp details.  

They are produced primarily for collectors and are not intended for circulation. The absence of a mint mark on the dime in your 1975-S Proof Set is simply a characteristic of the production process for proof coins during that era. 

While the absence of a mint mark on the dime may seem unusual, it is not an error or rarity in the context of proof sets from the 1970s. These sets are still highly collectible and sought after by numismatists for their beauty and historical significance. 

The 1975-S Proof Set, like other proof sets of its era, holds a special place in the hearts of collectors due to its exquisite presentation and the meticulous craftsmanship that goes into producing each coin.  

Today, the 1907 High Relief Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle is highly coveted by collectors and investors alike. Its combination of breathtaking beauty, historical significance, and scarcity make it a prized addition to any numismatic collection.  

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