1880 Stella Gold $4: Coiled Hair 

The 1880 Stella Gold $4 coin with the "Coiled Hair" variety is a highly sought-after and prestigious numismatic piece. Stellas, or Flowing Hair Stella, were experimental patterns for a proposed international coinage system, with a face value of $4, intended for use in international trade. 

Designed by Charles E. Barber, the Stella Gold $4 coin features a depiction of Liberty facing left on the obverse, with a radiant crown inscribed with the word "LIBERTY" and thirteen stars surrounding her.  

The reverse of the coin showcases a five-pointed star encircled by the inscriptions "ONE STELLA" and "400 CENTS" – indicating its $4 denomination. 

The "Coiled Hair" variety of the 1880 Stella Gold $4 coin refers to the portrayal of Liberty's hair on the obverse, which is styled in tightly coiled curls, compared to the "Flowing Hair" variety with flowing locks. 

The Coiled Hair variety is considered rarer and more desirable among collectors due to its distinctive design and limited mintage.

While the Stella Gold $4 coin never entered circulation and was never officially adopted for use, it remains a celebrated numismatic rarity, prized for its historical significance, exquisite design, and scarcity.  

Surviving examples of the Coiled Hair variety are highly coveted by collectors and enthusiasts, commanding significant premiums at auctions and numismatic events. 

As with any rare coin, the value of the 1880 Stella Gold $4 Coiled Hair variety depends on factors such as its condition, rarity, and demand among collectors.  

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