1874-CC Seated Liberty Dime 

The 1874-CC Seated Liberty Dime is a notable coin in American numismatics, struck at the Carson City Mint (CC) during the late 19th century. Here's some information about it: 

Design: The Seated Liberty Dime features a seated figure of Liberty on the obverse (front) of the coin, with a shield in her right hand and a branch in her left.  

The word "LIBERTY" is inscribed on a ribbon above her head, and the year of mintage, "1874," is below. The reverse (back) features a wreath surrounding the denomination "ONE DIME." 

Composition: The 1874-CC Seated Liberty Dime is composed of 90% silver and 10% copper, with a weight of approximately 2.49 grams and a diameter of 17.9 millimeters. 

Mintage: The mintage of the 1874-CC Seated Liberty Dime was relatively low, with a total of approximately 10,817,000 coins struck at the Carson City Mint.  

Historical Context: The Seated Liberty Dime series was minted during a period of economic expansion and westward expansion in the United States. The Carson City Mint played a significant role in producing coinage for commerce in the western United States. 

Collectibility: The 1874-CC Seated Liberty Dime is collectible among numismatists due to its historical significance, low mintage, and association with the Carson City Mint. 

The 1827 Capped Bust Quarter holds particular significance as it was struck during a period of transition in American coinage. This was a time when the United States Mint was experimenting with various designs and denominations, aiming to improve the aesthetics and functionality of its coinage. 

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