1870-S Seated Liberty Half Dime: Unique 

The 1870-S Seated Liberty Half Dime is a coin shrouded in mystery and intrigue, often regarded as one of the great enigmas of American numismatics.  

While the Seated Liberty Half Dime series was officially struck until 1873, the 1870-S issue stands out as a singular rarity among its peers. 

What makes the 1870-S Seated Liberty Half Dime truly unique is the absence of any confirmed specimens in numismatic circles.  

Despite extensive research and diligent searching by collectors and experts over the years, no authenticated examples of the 1870-S Seated Liberty Half Dime have been definitively identified. 

The mere existence of the 1870-S Seated Liberty Half Dime has been a subject of debate and speculation within the numismatic community.  

Some theories suggest that a small number of these coins may have been minted for archival or experimental purposes, while others propose that the reported mintage figures for 1870-S coins may have been erroneous or misattributed. 

Regardless of the reasons behind its apparent absence, the 1870-S Seated Liberty Half Dime remains a tantalizing mystery that continues to captivate the imagination of collectors and historians alike.  

They serve as reminders of America's founding principles, values, and achievements, making them cherished artifacts for generations to come. 

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