1864-S Coronet Head Gold $5 Half Eagle 

The 1864-S Coronet Head Gold $5 Half Eagle holds significant historical and numismatic value, representing a pivotal period in American history during the Civil War.  

Struck at the San Francisco Mint, it bears the "S" mintmark, signifying its origin and adding to its allure among collectors. 

Designed by Christian Gobrecht, the obverse of the coin features a left-facing portrait of Liberty adorned with a coronet inscribed with "LIBERTY." 

Thirteen stars encircle the image, representing the original colonies, and the date "1864" is positioned below. 

On the reverse, an eagle is depicted with outstretched wings, clutching arrows and an olive branch in its talons. Above the eagle is an open wreath, and the denomination "FIVE D." is inscribed below. 

The 1864-S Coronet Head Gold $5 Half Eagle is particularly significant due to the wartime context in which it was minted.  

During the Civil War, gold coinage was in high demand as a means of commerce and payment, making coins from this era especially sought after by collectors. 

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