1804 Turban Head Gold $10 Eagle: Plain 4 - Proof - Restrike 

The 1804 Turban Head Gold $10 Eagle, featuring the Plain 4 variety, holds a significant place in numismatic history as one of the most sought-after coins among collectors. 

Designed by Robert Scot, the Turban Head Eagle portrays Liberty wearing a turban-like headpiece on the obverse and a heraldic eagle on the reverse. 

The term "Plain 4" refers to a specific style of the numeral "4" in the date on the coin. These coins were initially struck in 1804, but the Plain 4 variety is most commonly associated with later restrikes, particularly those produced as proofs. 

Proof coins are specially struck using highly polished dies and planchets, resulting in sharp details and mirror-like surfaces. The 1804 Turban Head Gold $10 Eagle Plain 4 proofs were likely produced for collectors or as presentation pieces, rather than for circulation. 

Restrikes of the 1804 Turban Head Gold $10 Eagle Plain 4 were produced in later years, often to meet collector demand or for inclusion in special sets.  

These restrikes are not considered original issues from 1804 but are still highly collectible due to their rarity and historical significance. 

The 1804 Turban Head Gold $10 Eagle Plain 4, whether original issue or restrike, represents a tangible link to America's early coinage history and the craftsmanship of the United States Mint.  

Unprecedented Rarity and Value: What sets these quarters apart is not just their extraordinary value, but also their unprecedented rarity and desirability.  

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