1799 Draped Bust Silver Dollar: Normal Date - 8x5 Stars Obverse 

The 1799 Draped Bust Silver Dollar with the "Normal Date" and the "8x5 Stars" obverse configuration is a remarkable and highly sought-after coin among collectors and numismatists. 

As one of the early issues of the United States Mint, it holds significant historical and numismatic importance. 

On the obverse of the coin, you'll find a majestic portrayal of Lady Liberty, with her hair elegantly draped and flowing. 

Above her is the word "LIBERTY," and below is the date "1799." The "Normal Date" variety indicates that the numerals in the date are clear and distinct. 

One of the defining features of the 1799 Draped Bust Silver Dollar is the unique arrangement of stars on the obverse. With eight stars to the left of Liberty and five stars to the right, the "8x5 Stars" configuration creates a striking visual balance and adds to the coin's aesthetic appeal. 

On the reverse, an eagle is depicted with outstretched wings, holding symbols of peace and war—a branch of olive leaves and a bundle of arrows, respectively. 

Above the eagle is the inscription "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA," and surrounding the perimeter is the denomination "ONE DOLLAR." 

Well-preserved examples with clear details and attractive patina can command significant premiums, especially among enthusiasts of early American coinage and those seeking key dates and varieties for their collections. 

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