1795 Flowing Hair Silver Dollar: Silver Plug 

The 1795 Flowing Hair Silver Dollar with a silver plug is an extraordinary and highly coveted coin in the realm of American numismatics.  

During the early years of coin production in the United States, the Mint faced challenges in achieving consistent weight and metal purity for its coins.  

o address this issue, mint workers sometimes inserted a small silver plug into the coin's center before striking to adjust its weight and ensure proper silver content. 

The presence of a silver plug in the 1795 Flowing Hair Silver Dollar is a testament to the Mint's ingenuity and resourcefulness in the face of technical limitations. 

These coins are distinguishable by a small, circular area on the obverse or reverse where the plug was inserted, typically near the center of the coin. .

The 1795 Flowing Hair Silver Dollar with a silver plug is considered a numismatic rarity due to its unique feature and historical significance. Each coin serves as a tangible artifact of America's early coinage history, reflecting the challenges and innovations of the time. 

Today, these coins are highly sought after by collectors for their scarcity, historical importance, and aesthetic appeal.  

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