1793 Flowing Hair Large Cent: Strawberry Leaf 

The 1793 Flowing Hair Large Cent with the Strawberry Leaf variety is a significant and highly sought-after coin among collectors of early American copper coinage.  

Designed by Henry Voigt, the Flowing Hair Large Cent features a classic portrayal of Liberty on the obverse, with her flowing hair and a liberty cap facing right, while the reverse displays a wreath surrounding the denomination "ONE CENT" and the inscription "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA." 

The Strawberry Leaf variety refers to a distinctive feature found on some examples of the 1793 Flowing Hair Large Cent, where the leaf on the reverse wreath resembles a strawberry leaf rather than the typical laurel or olive leaf. 

This variety is considered a die state or stage in the production process and is highly prized by collectors for its rarity and uniqueness. 

The presence of the Strawberry Leaf variety adds an extra layer of collectibility and historical interest to the 1793 Flowing Hair Large Cent, as it represents a specific die variety within the early issues of the United States Mint 

As with any rare coin variety, the value of the 1793 Flowing Hair Large Cent with the Strawberry Leaf variety depends on factors such as its condition, rarity, and demand among collectors. 

Well-preserved examples with clear details and attractive patina can command significant premiums in the numismatic market, especially among specialists and enthusiasts who appreciate early American coinage. 

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